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Adult Treatment

Approximately 20 – 25 percent of our patients are adults. Many of these patients are pursuing the health benefits and improved aesthetics associated with a proper bite for the first time. Some of our adult patients had braces in the past but discovered that their teeth shifted over time. Others are parents who were pleased with the treatment we provided for their children, saw the benefits firsthand, and decided to undergo treatment for themselves.

Fortunately, technology has yielded tools that allow for more discreet treatment. For example, tooth-colored ceramic brackets can render braces essentially unnoticeable. Other patients choose aligner therapy if it is suitable for their case. Advanced wires and brackets, when utilized correctly, can maximize tooth movement in less time.

If your teeth, gum tissue, and supporting bone are healthy, then you may be a candidate for orthodontic treatment regardless of your age. Orthodontic treatment is a true investment in yourself and your future.

Mission Statement

With a high degree of professionalism, dedication, and enthusiasm, we strive to provide exceptional orthodontic treatment to adults and children. We seek to deliver this care with the utmost attention to detail and a genuine concern for each patient.


Innovations in technology have shortened treatment time and have made orthodontic appliances more comfortable.


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