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Your headgear helps guide the growth of your teeth and jaws so that your teeth can fit together correctly.

  • Put on and take off your headgear carefully, the way we showed you.
  • Never play roughly while wearing your headgear.
  • The headgear strap will release if pulled too hard.
  • The headgear strap may be machine-washed.
  • Bring your headgear to each appointment so that we may check and adjust it if needed.
  • When you first start wearing the headgear, it is normal for your teeth to feel sore and for your bite to feel different. Over-the-counter pain relievers usually help. As you continue wearing the headgear regularly, the soreness will subside.
  • You may remove the headgear for eating, sports, and cleaning your teeth.
  • The headgear must be worn for the prescribed amount of time to be effective.
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