Separators are elastic O-rings or small wire loops placed between the teeth to create space for the orthodontic bands (the stainless steel bands that encircle the molar teeth).

  • When the separators are first placed, it may feel like food is stuck between your teeth, and your bite may feel different.
  • The teeth may feel sore during the first few days, especially when you are biting down. Over-the-counter pain relievers will help.
  • Avoid eating sticky or chewy foods because these can cause the separators to come out.
  • Avoid flossing between the teeth that have the separators, and avoid pushing on the separators with your fingers or tongue. These actions can make the separators come out.
  • If any of your separators do come out, please call the office so that we can determine if you need to have them replaced. If there are just a few days until your next appointment, they may not need to be replaced.
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